While traveling home from our honeymoon, my wife and I were in a near fatal car accident, totaling our car but lucky to walk away uninjured. That night I began dreaming of a painting hanging over our bed. It was half green, half blue, with a black stripe, a white stripe, and a silver stripe down the middle; boldly signed in red. I could see it vividly, and although I was never sure why, I would dream about it every night. After several weeks of nearly sleepless nights, the dream became so intense that I was compelled to buy some canvas and bring this "dream painting" to fruition. I created two smaller "tests" of the "dream" and was very pleased with the outcome. However, through a series of "accidents" or perhaps divine intervention these paintings began to take on a life of their own and I finished them at the end of December, 2006. They appropriately became New Year's Eve 1 & 2.

I always see something new when viewing them and appreciate the sense of life they seem to portray. Retrospectively, I have also begun to find more meaning in the colors and what they now represent to me. The green represents the ground or the earth; the blue, the sky or heaven; black is death; white is life; silver is the "silver lining" or the fine gray line between life and death, heaven and earth that we all walk and the red is the blood or life that is running inside us all.

In early December 2008, nearly two years after the first "dream" painting was created, I was inspired to create another project that would be a collective of art and history, and make this unexplainable dream a reality, A 365 DAY RETROSPECTIVE.