A contemporary expressionist, Michael Raucheisen is a Baltimore born singer/songwriter and artist now living near Boston. In his paintings, lyrical brushstrokes and entertaining colors fill the canvas with spirited, childlike surprise. 

Surrounded by art and the musical operatic world of his grandfather, a respected German pianist, Michael’s artistic development began at a very early age. More recently, his painting and creative growth has been influenced by the works of Peter Max, James Rizzi, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Miro and Van Gogh. 

As a songwriter, his song, “In Love with a Friend” was part of the Grammy nominated Deep Dish album, “George Is On.”

In 2006 he began painting his flower series, partly to express his celebration of the blessings of marriage, family and friends and as a Thank You for everyone special in his life. 

Stepping out to take a new and unfamiliar direction, Michael has found an identifying style that is uniquely his own. Ignoring the traditional approach, his paintings move with simpler lines and a contemporary color palette. 

Today along with his music reaching International audiences, his paintings may be found in private and corporate collections around the world.